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Re Carbo Plus

Roger's post is the most succinct yet comprehensive description of the
Carbo Plus's activity.  FWIW, I recall a previous discussion on this
item (possibly on Erik's Krib) and the manufacturer was reported to
deny that hydrogen gas (highly flammable)is released into the
atmosphere as would happen with other brands of electrolysis CO2
generators.  Roger's explanation comes closest to explaining how the
manufacturer might have a basis for claiming that some of the hydrogen
is not released as gas, which might be a basis for an exaggerated claim
that none is.  Whence goeth the Hydrogen?

I have seen these things in action and they produce a lot of
"smoke"--very fine bubbles.  But they seem to be an expensive way to
put CO2 in a tank -- they cost about $200 and the carbon blocks are
about $40 each -- and that's at ThatFishPlace discount rates!  A block
would have to last about 3 times longer than a 5 pound (net weight) CO2
tank to be economical where I live.  But I'm pretty sure that they do
not provide that much carbon.  The unit itself costs as much or more
than a very good tank and valve set.

Scott H.

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