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Re: Lava Rocks

Robert H. wrote:
"No, no, no! Thats not what I am talking about! Somebody help me here..I
seen this rock in aquarium stores since I was a little kid...and I am 41 so
its been a little while! I just bought a 20 pound bag of golf ball size a
few months ago at Orchard supply in California..(says red lava rock on the
bag). They are round, not jagged, and give off red dust. They are so light
weight you could practically blow it out of your hand."

Were they meant for use in barbecues? I've seen those around for years and I
would say they are the same "rock" except for the fact that they may have
been "tumbled" (put in a big rotating drum for a while to knock off all of
the rough and sharp edges). If that is what you are talking about, they are
safe - I've used them for years in both fresh and saltwater tanks.

I don't remember the company which marketed it, but many years ago a local
store carried bagged lava in several sizes - one was perfect for use as a
substrate material (except of course that it wasn't very dense and took a
while to waterlog) and they sold bags of fist sized pieces as well. Haven't
seen the stuff around for a long time though.

James Purchase