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Re: rocks

>>I believe I know what you're talking about, but certainly not all lava
rock is like that.  I stopped at my LFS on the way home from work just to
make sure.  The lava rock they were selling was black, rough and mostly
jagged.  I few pieces were a little rounded, but even those were plenty
rough enough to damage a startled fish.<<

No, no, no! Thats not what I am talking about! Somebody help me here..I have
seen this rock in aquarium stores since I was a little kid...and I am 41 so
its been a little while! I just bought a 20 pound bag of golf ball size a
few months ago at Orchard supply in California..(says red lava rock on the
bag). They are round, not jagged, and give off red dust. They are so light
weight you could practically blow it out of your hand. I am going to have to
find some around here Roger so I can mail you one!

Robert Paul H
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