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pet stores in Atlanta


I couldn't find your email address from the list so I apologize to everyone
else for sending this here.

Went to Aviarium on your behalf today.  Yes, you can always justify whatever
you want to do he, he!    They have apparently changed somewhat since Oliver
was there.  Don't waste time going there.  I did buy one bunch of red
ludwigia.  It looked ok but it was about the only plant that did.  They had
one tank with very few plants and they all looked bad.  They had one tank
with Amano shrimp, one with flower shrimp.  Never heard of flower shrimp but
they are fatter than Amano's with little pincers.  No SAE's, no ottos. The
plant display tank was primarily BBA with some java moss. They weren't rude
but not what you might call friendly either.  Your call. It is off Pleasant
Hill (off of I-85) maybe 10 minutes from the Petland but a waste of time in
my opinion.

The Petland has probably 20ish tanks of plants and last week when I was over
there (on your behalf of course)  they had just gotten in a ton of stuff and
it looked really good.

Sorry but I couldn't convince my daughters that we should drive to Buckhead.
Your on your own for Fish Store & More.

Good luck.

Daphne in Hotlanta