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ozelot sword wintering

A few months ago I wrote to Roger Miller about my experiments with
wintering and propagation of sword plants. The ozelot variety to be 
specific. The experiment was described here:


Now I can report that one single baby sword from the batch I had, 
survived to adulthood. What I did was to just put its pot into the 
outdoor pond veggie filter. Actually three pots with six plantlets were
put in the filter, but just one plantlet survived. As the ambient 
temperature went up during spring, the plantlet started to recover from
a tiny, apparently lifeless piece of smothered plant tissue, to a green 
plantlet that quickly grew into a full-blown adult ozelot with large, 
shiny and healthy emersed leaves. The other five plantlets just dissolved
into mush. My conclusion is that ozelot swords won't develop under lower 
temperatures. Next time I winter them indoors, better use a heater !

- Ivo Busko
  Baltimore, MD