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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #1164

In a message dated 7/20/01 4:00:31 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
Aquatic-Plants-Owner at ActWin_com writes:

<< Last weekend I returned from a two week vacation to the thickest green 
 I have ever experienced. The reasons why aren't really relevant, but next
 time I will explain more of the workings of the tank to the caretaker. This
 is a 90 gallon high-tech tank with CO2, PMDD, laterite/gravel, and 3-96 watt
 CF lamps. I beat the green water this fast by:
 1. Twice a day 20% water changes the first three days to dilute the
 2. Lights out except when I was working on the tank or in the room and
 wanted to see.
 3. A HOT Magnum with a micron filter. As far as I could tell, the filter
 didn't really start being effective until the third day or so when it
 started to clog, at which point it is now slowing the filter down more and
 more as it gets more and more clogged and filtering smaller and smaller
 4. I borrowed an 8 watt UV sterilizer from the LFS (Aquatek on Burnet Road
 in Austin, Texas - A great store). This is the first time I've used UV, and
 given the variety of attacks on the algae, I can't tell if it made a
 difference or not. But the water IS clear, so I have to assume it helped.
 The point is, green water can be quickly and easily cured. Determining the
 cause is something that can be more elusive. In this case, the cause was
 easily remedied. I intend to leave the UV/HOT combo in place tonight and
 then return to normal maintenance tomorrow.
Next time try clams, I keep several small ones in my 125. They have 
reproduced several times from the 6 I put in to start with now I have about 
three dozen. (it's difficult to be sure, they hide really well) It is cool 
when they send out their sperm and eggs, you can see numerous tiny smoky 
coulumns rising up from the mud bed. the fish get tiny black dots on them for 
a few days then it goes away.