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RE: I believed yeast has stunted plant growth.

:Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2001 18:09:01 +0800
:From: "me" <tyneside at singnet_com.sg>
:Subject: I believed yeast has stunted plant growth.

:For the past few weeks, I've noticed considerable stunted plant growth in
:2 ft tank that's been contaminated with yeast,sugar, alcohol....

==>  Yeast only make alcohol under anaerobic conditions, that is if there is
no oxygen.  This won't be the case in an aquarium, especially one with live
plants.  Also, if they were making alcohol, they would also be making CO2,
which the plants would use to grow and produce oxygen, which would attenuate
the anaerobic conditions.

:I was thinking that plants make food by converting CO2 to sugar for their
:own use. What if yeast actually convert the sugar in them to other
:Supposing that yeast are colonizing my tank which I can't see.

==>The species of yeast you are using is not a plant pathogen.  It will live
on dead plant tissue, but won't attack live plants.  If yeast are in your
tank they will be suspended, and you will see them as couldy water.