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RE Self Righteousness

Cynthia wrote:

"I think the self-righteousness of parts of this thread has gone on
enough.  The original poster was experimenting, not being cruel or 
heartless.  If he had added fertilizer to his tank and had an unwanted 
result, no one would be casting aspersions on his appropriateness as a 
fish keeper or suggesting the SPCA or PETA should be notified.  

If the experiment had worked everyone would be hailing him for his 

The thread is ending now.  Thanks.


It is not all that clear to me that the original poster was
experimenting and not being cruel.  They are not mutually exclusive. 
One can experiment cruelly.  

But it's not clear that he was experimenting at all.  My first
impression, not entirely shaken, is that the original poster was just
pulling some serious hobbyists' legs.  And perhaps such tugs are not
entirely without value --  they may help us keep things in perspective.
 In any event, several subscribers found the matter interesting in one
way or another, or there probably wouldn't have been any discussion. 
Although some of us subscribers might seem more pretentious than
others, I did not find any of the comments abusive.

The subject of cruelty comes up every now and then in the hobby --
e.g., in terms of euthanasia and in terms of what unnecessary
conditions we might impose upon fish.  This does not mean that I am
sympathetic or hostile towards, e.g., the those favoring euthanasia. 
But I do not think the subjects are without interest or merit.  

Outright abusiveness notwithstanding, I regret that you are close any


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