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Re: HQI lights

> I found this really good deal from a hardware store for 150W HQI set. But
> they have only two options of bulbs, Philips 4200K Powertone, or BVL 10000K
> Hitlite. I pay $85 for the whole set if I choose 4200K bulb or $105 if I
> choose 10000K bulb. I read about light spectrum, and lux... etc... But still
> can't decide which bulb to get, neither of them is perfect. Actually, I
> think I should get 10000K for better look of the tank, since MH Lights are
> full spectrum anyway. I just want to heard you guys opinions.
> Thanks
> Kenneth

The 4200's will grow plants good.
The 10K's so so. 
Some like the look of one over the other but I'm partial to a slight
yellowish color. After some time its hard to tell. If it's really that big
of an issue I'd spend the extra few bucks to get what you really want
instead of being a Homer Simpson:) But the 4200K would not be bad. You'd get
more plant growth out of it anyway.
Tom Barr