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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #1131

I wrote:
 Astyanax Fasciatus is commonly known as the "Mexican Tetra". It is the only
indigenous Characin to Mexico and apparently Texas as well. I have collected
them in several locations in Mexico from Vera Cruz to the Panuco Basin but
they are found in almost every freshwater watershed."

After being on vacation and trying to catch up on my APD postings I realized
that this thread continued under several other names. After reading them and
I would tend to agree that the fish you saw probably was not the Astyanax
but more likely a red dace or other shiner type fish. If I remember
correctly, which I may not, the northernmost range of Astyanax is still well
into Mexico. It is certainly possible that there may be an introduced
population i.e.. The Texas Cichlid ( Hericthys Cyanoguttatus) in the Brazos
River, but not likely. 

Along the same lines and to try to stay on topic, there is also a section of
the Brazos River where at one time a fish farm been located. Apparently
there are several varieties of introduced aquarium plants that are still
thriving in small resident populations accidentally introduced by the farm
back in the 1950-70s. Although I can't remember the name of the farm or the
location it is fairly common knowledge among the locals.

Larry Lampert
Dallas, TX