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Re: glass

At 03:48 AM 07/19/2001 -0400, you wrote:
>From: ". ." <cameroncase at hotmail_com>
>If you are still reading...is 2.5 mm too thin for the making of a 36" x 16" 
>x 16" aquarium (that will, of course, be planted...so maybe this is plant 
>related somewhat)?  I think this is ~ 1/8" but I'm not sure.  Would it help 
>if it were 36x12x12?

That's actually a tiny bit less than 1/10", which would seem pretty thin for any size aquarium. Maybe if it were tempered glass it would be OK (I think tempered glass can resist breakage due to flexure better, but somebody else who knows better might correct me.)

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