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pet stores in Atlanta


The LFS I have found to be best is Petland in Duluth on State Bridge Road
(Right on line between Duluth and Alpharetta in parking lot with Home Depot
& Target).  James is the manager in the fish section and is very plant
knowledgeable and a great guy.  They always have SAE's, ottos, Amano shrimp
and periodically farlowellas so bring a big cooler if you need any! The
address is:
5900 State Bridge Rd
Duluth, GA 30097-6437
Phone: (770) 495-4648

The only other one that has much in terms of plants and I haven't been there
in awhile is Fish Store & More in Buckhead.  They used to be "the place" but
I don't know anymore.  The address is:
3145 Peachtree Rd Ne
Atlanta, GA 30305-1800
Phone: (404) 231-5111

Another that doesn't have anything grand in terms of plants but has some
killer tanks is Aquarium Showcase in Alpharetta off of 400.  And when I say
tanks, they have some that would make you drool!  They are more salt
oriented but carry a good book selection and higher end plant supplements
etc.  George is the owner and very nice.  Can't find the address but the
phone number is 770-754-0868.

If I have left any place out, someone jump in, these are the only ones I
know of.

If I can be of further help, let me know!

Daphne in Hotlanta