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Re: I believed yeast has stunted plant growth

"me" (where do they get these names???) wrote:
"I was thinking that plants make food by converting CO2 to sugar for their
own use. What if yeast actually convert the sugar in them to other products?
Supposing that yeast are colonizing my tank which I can't see."

I doubt that any yeast cells which might be in the water column of your tank
could get to the sugars contained within the cells of your plants, and if
there were any sugar molecules dissolved in the water column, they wouldn't
be of any use to the plants anyway. Plants MAKE sugars during
photosynthesis, they don't aborb them ready made from the environment. Go to
a web search engine and plug in the term "photosynthesis".

If you suspect that your water column is contaminated (from a "boil over"
from a DIY CO2 generator) just do several major water changes to remove the

James Purchase