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Re: Coca-cola

>>"Experimenting is good" to a point, but am I the only
>>one here that finds
>>all this talk of adding alcohol and Coke to an
>>aquarium a bit horrifying?
>>You might find PETA knocking on your door..

>No, you are not the only one :(  ... I have been
>sitting in stunned silence trying to figure out why
>anyone would laugh about being cruel or if it was just
>a bad joke.  PETA should do more than just knock.

I don't want to start a flaming war here but since this has been brought out
into the open I don't feel that the PETA terrorist should have anything to
do with this.  This was an experiment gone bad and that's all....I have
killed grass and bushes experimenting with various fertilizers, I sure
wouldn't want a bunch of miss guided screamers at my door.

The fish did not die and the lesson was learned.  I did not see anything
that stated it was tried again.

Dave Berryman