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Re: Dolomite lime-dosage?

>how do ya use dolomite lime as a calcium source in the aquarium? What is
>the recommeded dosage and application?

Hi Damian, greetings from another (homesick) Aussie!

I use dolomite powder in my Aquaclear filter canisters, also the Eclipse
filters, as only part of if dissolves quickly, the rest just hangs around in
the water column in an irritating white cloud.  I put it inbetween a couple
of layers of filter floss  in the Aquaclears (outside filters); about 2
heaped teaspoons for a 20 gal tank will give you 40 ppm Ca, enough for
plants and snails, but not much effect on KH unless you don't do weekly
water changes, and won't affect the GH at all in my experience.  In the
Eclipses, I just put it under a piece of sponge that I have cut to fit the
filter area, replacing the original fibre fabric and plastic carbon
cartridge (the bio-wheels went ages ago).

Kind regards,

Susi Barber
Vancouver - can't wait to visit Oz at Christmas!