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Re: SON-T AGRO lamp

> Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2001 21:01:41 +1000
> From: Damian Barton and Jenine Plunkett <jpordb at ozemail_com.au>
> Subject: SON-T AGRO; required percentage of the blue spectrum?
> Hello all,
> so I've done some research and basically discovered that high pressure
> sodium lights won't do for the aquarium however I'd like some opinions on the 
> Son T Agro bulbs which are supposedly better at ensuring good leaf and stem
> growth and keeping plants compact and healthy. It has another 30W
> element added to it which puts out blue light and about 30% of the light
> is in the "blue" end of the light spectrum.
> Thanks Damian.

If you look up the lamp specifications, you'll see that the color
rendering is not much better than a normal HPS lamp (awful) and the
color temperature is really low.  The plants might grow well using
this lamp, but they will look nasty unless you suppliment with another
wide-spectrum light source.

Best regards,