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Re: which canister filter?

Chrys wrote:

>hi all, 
>  I'm going to get a canister filter for my
>planted 29 gallon tank. Any suggestions?
>I wa sthinking of the HOT Magnum.  Pros
 >  i want to change form my aquaclear to
>under the water surface. 

I love the Magnum HOTs. I have several and have never had a problem with
any of them. I have run them until they almost stopped flowing. Bad I
know. Clean 'em and back like new. 
I have used lava rock, gravel and quilt batting as filter media. Great
with optional Biowheels (if you need one-I turn my HOT w/BW off at
lights on). 

Whether an HOT out of the box will direct water below the surface will
depend on how wide the trim at the top of your tank is and how far down
the filter will sit. 

You can rig the outflow to disperse water below the surface. Since I
have spare parts I use an intake pipe on the outflow of the HOT I run
continuously. Water can be directed in alternate directions this way.