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Eusteralis s.


Several people have mentioned a dearth of and all around lack of availability 
concerning the rather fussy plant known as Eusteralis stellata. I've never 
seen it available commercially (except in Oriental's catalogue) and a lot of 
people apparently have trouble with it. Tom Barr mentioned to me that he felt 
this could be one of the few true "soft water plants".

It is a pretty thing, especially under high light and CO2 where mine develop 
yellowish orange leaves shaded with violet and pink. In lower light, non-CO2 
tanks they are rather more subdued and green.

I got mine originally from Chuck Gadd a year or so ago, when he sent me about 
8 stems which arrived in pretty bad shape.  I have a strong feeling that this 
is a plant which doesn't ship well - with a tendency to defoliate and the 
stems to turn mushy rather easily.

I planted the ones Chuck sent me in a 75 gal with 220 watts of CF, Fluorite 
substrate and DH3, GH 8, pH 6.5 - 7.0 tank water. Once they recovered a bit 
and began to put out new leaves I put Jobe's Palm and Fern spikes under them 
and once they grabbed hold of those they became a weed. Took over half the 

I am experimenting with emerged growth on this plant but it's too soon to 
tell anything at this point. I hope to propagate it faster this way 
vegitativly and to eventually flower it and get some seeds to plant. I also 
wish to know how easily it goes back to emerged conditions. 

I have also started leaving the mid stem sections (that I normally discard 
when replanting the tops) in the tank to float in an attempt to get some 
roots going. I assume if the stems have a root system developed that they 
will ship, transplant and recover much easier. Maybe they'll side shoot like 
up like Hygro but again, too soon to tell on this one.

In order to get a steady supply of Eusteralis s. going, I'm going to try 
cooking up a big tank of it outside, in the sun, injected with CO2, where 
hopefully the growth will be the fastest (along with green water and algae). 
Love them UV sterilizes!

Once I get a mess of them going, I'll pass them out...

Bob Olesen
West Palm Beach