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Re: What are the risk of yeast seeping into water?

> Has anyone ever tried putting an airstone inside of 
> their CO2 generator to keep the sugar-water-yeast 
> mixture well aereated as the yeast grow?

Propagation is an aerobic process.  Fermentation is an
anaerobic process.  If there is an adequate supply of
nutrients, then the introduction of Oxygen into the
solution would result in the yeast multiplying, rather
than fermenting.  You'd never get the yeast to begin
fermenting the sugar en masse, thus CO2 production
would not be satisfactory.  It's best to make sure
that the liquid they are introduced to is well
oxygenated beforehand.  After the liquid has cooled
(always boil your sugar and water for 15 minutes!),
you can put it in the bottle and shake the daylights
out of it.  Add the yeast, and shake it again, if you
want.  This is usually enough for dried yeast--they
come with their own nutrient supply.  They'll reach
the optimum population within a few minutes of being
introduced, and CO2 production will usually begin
within the hour.

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