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Dolomite lime-dosage?

look I'm real sorry for asking this cos I know it's in the archives
somewhere but I have been searching them for so long that I'm starting
to feel dizzy and the texts is starting to look blurry!;

how do ya use dolomite lime as a calcium source in the aquarium? What is
the recommeded dosage and application?

I don't have a calcium test kit but my large Amazon sword plant
(Echinodorus bleheri paniculatus?), small Amazon sword plant
(Echinodorus quadricostatus "magdalenensis"?),
Alternanthera reineckii "Lilacina" (or  Alternanthera reineckii
"Roseafolia" ?), and Hygrophila corymbosa "Angustifolia" (only very
slightly) and Java fern all have started showing
crinkled/gnarled/deformed leaves.

Thanks Damian

P.S. I am aware that it will raise my GH and KH (okay then alkalinity)
which doesn't matter cos my tap KH is about maybe at the most 1dKH and
the tap GH is about 3dGH.