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was shrimp question

Rickie Leung replied to me personally about my inquiry, I think is
interesting for other also so I'm posting his reply here:

 << Mihai,
It is one of the cultivar/varieties of the Neocardina denticulata.
I constantly catch them in clean freshwater stream in the mountains
area closed to where I live. Their number are smaller than the
common Neocardina denticulata(without the golden back and blue/black
in color, with the common name black shell shrimp). They live together
and seems there is no intermediate form between. So, the golden back
Neocardina can be a new species.

In addition, both of them are poor cleaner, they don't like to feed
on various algae or any meaty food. They prefer to any rotten or rotting
vegative matters.

If decoration or keeping colorful shrimp is your main goal, these
shrimps are good for you. If you are looking a group of hardworking
algae cleaner, you'd better stick with amano shrimp.
With best regards,

Rickie Leung >>