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Re: What are the risk of yeast seeping into water?

Jame Purchase responds to Chee Ming on intank DIY CO2:

> The alcohol in the mixture, even though
> there isn't likely to be much, is not going to do anything good for your
> fish or anything else in the tank which is alive. [snip] Fish don't benefit
from a "cold one" at the end of a long day of
> swimming around the aquarium. The alcohol would act as a poison, stressing
> and potentially killing the fish.

Chee, I strongly agree with James. Your setup is almost guaranteed to be a
ticking time bomb.  And here's why:

Four or five years ago, I was recharging a traditional setup of DIY Yeast
for the planted tank. Thought I'd be smart and add more yeast for more CO2
production, instead of ganging another reactor onto the system.  More is not
always better!

I think not much more than an hour or two had passed since putting the
recharged system back on the tank. Since this tank was in an out of the way
location, I was unaware of the disaster that was unfolding.  It had been
maintenance day, I always peek in a couple hours later to make sure things
are runnign smooth. Good thing I too. The tank smelled like a brewery. The
fish? For lack of a better term, they were drunk.

As fast as I could I changed something like 90% of the water and threw
carbon in the filter stream. Fortunately, none of the creatures expired
because of my stupidity.


"Remember me, when you get censored.  If you are thinking, your turn will
surely come."  ~ Jules Dervaes