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Re: AP phosphate test kit

You've certainly done your research.  I could have been clearer in my
meaning -- sorry.  What I had in mind was that the water quality report
would tell you how much P was in your tap water or your tanks, but it
might tell what chemicals in the water are preventing full dissolution
of the AP test chemical.  Presumably, some similar chemical is
saturating the water -- at least, I thought that was what you had
speculated -- and it sounds like a very good guess.  Hopefully AP will
pass your question(s) on to their lab folks (they do have lab folks,
don't they?) ;-)

I would guess that AP isn't likely to test your water sample for all
the chemicals the the annual water quality analyses (or USGS) test for,
so it might be good to have the report in hand (or in AP's hands).  But
it's just a thought.

I am glad you are following through on this.  I'm sure others as well
as I are curious for some answers.  So Thanks.

Good luck

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