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RE: Life taste good....Coca Cola :)

Maybe next time you should try diet coke.


Date:	Mon, 16 Jul 2001 22:57:03 +0800
From:	"me" <tyneside at singnet_com.sg>
Subject:	Life taste good....Coca Cola :)

Just to let you all laugh at me.
A year ago, I'm still pretty amateur at fishkeeping and still is now. Plants
need CO2, good light to make food. They also need nutrients like K,P,N and
so on......I did a lot of reading up. I read Amano Nature's World Book 1 on
how he poured carbonated soda to provide CO2 4 plants.
I love drinking Coca Cola. I read its ingredients. Sugar, carbonated water,
phosphoric acid..blahhh.
Phosphoric Acid can provide P? yes or no..never mind..haha ... Carbonated
water ?? oh so good.
Fish health is secondary to me...so cruel i know..but my plants are more
important ...haha !!!
And so I merrily poured a few teaspoon of Coke in...ohhh.. how I love the
brownish tint it gave.
Fishes swimming joyously here and there.
Day 2...what the heck...poured 1 cup full of coke in....ahhh nice
color...fish enjoying caffeine...
Day 3.. hey i can't see my fish and my plants...visibility= 0.1!!! oh
man..what happened ???  Glass tank and plants covered in slime..yucks! no
choice....did an almost complete water change...phew! that was close...no
fatality recorded.
Now I guess it might have been the sugar with bacteria that turn my tank
into a winter wonderland.