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Homegrown hydroponics

Hi all.
With all the negative experiences being mentioned on
this and other lists, in regard to the use of mail
order companies, I thought a positive experience
should also be reported.
Here in New Zealand we have few of the vast range of
products that you enjoy in North America and Europe.
This includes the trace element mixes so often
discussed. Nothing suitable was available in this
country so, after searching the archives I came across
Homegrown hydroponics. Even though I was on the other
side of the planet and only required a very small
amount of product, it was dispatched promptly and I
was kept informed on the progress of the order.
I have seen several posts asking for sources of PMDD
ingredients and I can unreservedly recommend this mail
order company as honest and reliable.
Good service deserves recognition!

Dave Morris 
New Zealand

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