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Re: Trouble with Amano Shrimp - please reply

I sure wish I could help you, as I lost one a while ago and it sounds

I have done extensive searching on the net for these shrimp trying to find
everything and anything I could.  I found that ammonia equals death by toxin
and that copper and other heavy metals interfere with molting and thus lead
to death.  I am going to get some more soon and hope the same doesn't
happen.  A lonely SAE I picked up at the same time as the lone shrimp died
the same day.  Neither looked good when I first got them, so it could have
been poor health that killed them.  Anyway, I hope it works out for you.

Craig Carline

*	I have found some more dead shrimp. I think almost half of them died
by now.
*	I've also seen a couple of shells. It seems like they might be dying
*	after molting. My calcium is about 50 ppm, so I don't think there is
*	problem with them being able to regrow new shells. Also, there are 6
*	that won't leave one corner of my tank. It's not an area of
*	heavy water flow and there doesn't seem to be more of anything to
the shrimp
*	would be interested to eat.
*	Please reply ASAP. Thank you.