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Re: SAE behavior question

I have 5 SAE's and 8 Oto's.  They tend to hang out in two groups of 3 SAE
and 5 Oto's, and the other group is 2 SAE and 3 Oto's.  It's a fact that in
my tank, if you see a SAE then an Oto is very close by as well.  I dunno.

Craig Carline

*	Date: Sat, 14 Jul 2001 21:21:13 -0400 (EDT)
*	From: Mihai Cosmin <mcosmin at pacific_mps.ohio-state.edu>
*	Subject: SAE behavior question
*	Today I finally spot a small SAE in a tank containing at least one
*	false siamesis and the LSF guy was kind enough to hunt it for ten
*	- - the tank with regular SAE contain only submarine size ones, at
least for
*	my small 5 gall. After careful aclimatization is looking well, the
*	weird thing being that is seem to be very found of the only other
fish in
*	the tank, a similar size otto. 
*	Him, the otto seem to want to take care of his plant scrubbing
*	alone, but the new guy is looking lost after a few minutes and goes
*	hunting for the otto.
*	I don't know what to think, I'm kind of found of the little otto who
*	with me for half of year now, and survivor of my continuing learning
*	period including even a experimental DIY co2 phase when the pH
crashed to
*	the point where he was turning belly up on the bottom of the tank.
*	The only other companions in the tank are five
*	Amano-type-but-smaller-species-shrimp whom I don't even see during
*	hours.
*	Anybody experienced this kind of behavior from SAE ? 
*	Cosmin