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unidentified Fern

I bought a Fern from the LFS, which I hoped was Bolbitis sp. But I'm pretty
sure it isn't.    It has a sort of silvery underside, with a slightly darker
upper side.    The Fern is covered in small stiff scales, from the stalk to
the end of each branch (somewhat similar to a club moss Maybe?).   The whole
plant is very stiff/brittle which makes me wonder if it should be grown
emersed.   I'd really like to know if this is the case, as it is a really
pretty plant, and I'd like to give it optimal conditions.    The LFS, is
just a regular shopping centre shop and nothing special, so I suspect that
someone out there must have it as well, or at least know what it is.


William King (a keen APDer in London, England)