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Arizona Aquatic Gardens

A few weeks ago, I received an order from Arizona Aquatic Gardens.  I 
paid for weekend delivery and that is how my package was shipped. 
However, the package was held up by the USPS and did not arrive until 
a couple of days later.  A few of the plants were mush.   Arizona 
Aquatic Gardens was very responsive to the problem and credited me 
for the express shipping and damaged plants.  This is in spite of 
their disclaimer that they are not responsible for losses due to 
shipping conditions!

I have purchased from them for a couple of years now and this is 
consistent with my past experiences - if there have been any 
problems, they rectify them immediately when I call.  I am glad I 
called because otherwise I would have been upset with the company and 
would not have used them again.  One of the true measures of a 
company is how they deal with problems when they occur.  With respect 
to Arizona Aquatic Gardens, I have been quite impressed with their 
desire to satisfy the customer.  I put them in the same league as 
some of the other great vendors I use such as AH Supply, Monolith 
Marine Monsters, Daleco, SpectraPure, Aquaculture Supply, and Pet 
Warehouse.  (There are others but they do not immediately come to 
mind.)  I wish I could say that my experiences with some other 
companies were as positive!

Ken Simolo