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Re: Aquarium Pharmaceuticals

Roger Miller wrote:

>Tech support was slow, but I don't think I
>could have asked for them to do more
>than they did.  Gee, all I wanted was to
>know if that was the way the kit was
>supposed to act, and I got a whole new

I have had nothing but good experiences with AP. Back when I was
stupidly trying to purify water there was a guy, Brian (?), who took all
my phone calls and helped me immensely, even sent me free fish food
samples. We even talked on a personal level about our tanks and so
forth. One reason  I decided to try the new Filstar. And I am glad I
did. I have cleaned it several times and so far never fails to start
immediately....very unlike my now discarded Fluvals. 

Moral: Try the toll free number and one might get a much quicker answer.
I did. :-)