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DIY CO2 Generation

Chee Ming's comments regarding his CO2 generator got me thinking about my
own experiences with DIY yeast method production. Several posts metion how
CO2 production can seem to slow or stall, with the CO2 bubbles being
released in "fits and starts". Usually, a good swirl or mild shaking of the
generator bottle will produce a flury of CO2, which will only last a few

In reviewing some material on the web site of Wyeast USA
(http://www.wyeastlab.com/index.htm) I noticed some comments concerning live
yeast's need for Oxygen and how a lack of Oxygen can cause fermentation to
stall and sometimes stop altogether.

Has anyone ever tried putting an airstone inside of their CO2 generator to
keep the sugar-water-yeast mixture well aereated as the yeast grow?

The positive pressure of the introduced air (from the airstone) inside of
the generator should keep a positive outflow of gas (mainly air, but
enriched with the CO2 produced by the yeast) coming from the generator,
which can be led to the aquarium via a length of tubing. This should also
prevent the backflow condition that a lot of people have experienced at
times with DIY generators. Providing that the generator is not over-filled,
there should be no danger of forcing liquid into the aquarium.

Just a thought.

James Purchase