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RE AP phosphate test kit

Roger Miller wrote, in part:

"Some of you might remember that about a month ago (June 17) I posted a
letter asking about the behavior of the Aquarium Pharmaceuticals
phosphate test kit. . Their reply finally came about a week ago -- a
month after my original question. . . Tech support was slow, but I
don't think I could have asked for them to do more than they did.  Gee,
all I wanted was to know if that was the way the kit was supposed to
act, and I got a whole new kit!"

I have emailed them a number of times about their products.  I have
always found them to be slooooow but sure to respond with sincere
attempts to help.

Do you think it is possible that the kit can give a reasonably accurate
reading even if total dissolution doesn't?  

Also, (and I hope this isn't a dumb question for someone with your
experience), but have you contacted your municpal water supplier to
obtain a water quality report?  These usually list at least all of the
chemicals (metals, minierals, organics, etc.) that the EPA specifies
limits for (about 200).  Water suppliers produce such reports annually,
as required by Federal (and often state) regulations, and they or
summaries of them should be public information.


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