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RE AZ Gardens

Bob Olesen wrote:

"I've contacted FedEx and received a claim form but they told me that
claim must originate with the shipper - not the recipient.  I filled
one out 
as best I could on AZ Gardens behalf - but as they would not contact me
answer my e-mail I'm not sure what to do next... 

Bob Olesen
West Palm Beach  "

Technically, what FEdex told you is correct and it's the same official
policy UPS has.  nonetheless, Fedex is giving you somewhat different
treatment than I they gave me.  They took my info over the phone, and
said they would call back in a couple of days.  They didn't so I did
and was told that the claim hadn't been handled yet but they would call
back in a couple of days.  They didn't so I did and was told a check
for the stated price of the cargo was sent to the SHIPPER.  I called AZ
Aq. Gardens and they said, since the check would probably arrive made
out to them, they would cut me a new check made out to me as soon as
the Fedex check arrived.

Fedex recently acquired the former RPS, a UPS competitor for ground and
home delivery.  Perhaps it is having growing pains and service isn't up
to snuff.

Please, let us know if you get through to AZ Aq. Gardens and what the
final resolution is.

Best of Luck,

PS:  Have you tried calling AZ Aq. Gardens around 3:00pm Mountain time?

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