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Re: Trouble with Amano Shrimp - please reply

Alex R. wrote:

"I have found some more dead shrimp. I think almost half of them died
by now.
I've also seen a couple of shells. It seems like they might be dying
after molting. My calcium is about 50 ppm, so I don't think there is a
problem with them being able to regrow new shells. Also, there are 6
that won't leave one corner of my tank. It's not an area of
heavy water flow and there doesn't seem to be more of anything to the
would be interested to eat."

This isn't much of an answer but...shrimp are arthropods (like lobsters
and ants), so their exoskeletons are chitinous not calcium carbonate
like gastropods (e.g., snails and oysters).  Chitin is A
nitrogen-containing polysaccharide.

So calcium is probably not not a problem for shell formation.  Also, ,
what fish are in your tank?  Roughly speaking, most fish will eat
whatever they can fit in their mouths.  Although, live shrimp are
pretty fast movers and can survive large fish if there are places to
hide and the fish are agressive predators.

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