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AP phosphate test kit


Some of you might remember that about a month ago (June 17) I posted a
letter asking about the behavior of the Aquarium Pharmaceuticals
phosphate test kit.  At the time I had been waiting a week for a reply
from AP about their kit.

Their reply finally came about a week ago -- a month after my original
question.  They said simply that the kit was definitely not supposed to
act the way it did; refusing to dissolve, precipitating in the test
tube, producing high false readings.  So they were going to send a new
one.  I was impressed.

The replacement came Friday -- via UPS, even.  Unfortunately, the new
kit acts just about like the old kit.  It dissolved a little easier, but
it had all the other problems in common with the original kit.  There is
just something (or maybe more than one thing) in my tap water that
interferes with that kit.

Tech support was slow, but I don't think I could have asked for them to
do more than they did.  Gee, all I wanted was to know if that was the
way the kit was supposed to act, and I got a whole new kit!

Roger Miller