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Re: Monster Algae

Steve, I think I have this same stuff in my water lily "pond" (40-gal
Rubbermaid tub; no filter). I just scoop it out by the handful and sling
it into the garden whenever I feel like playing in the water. Probably
you can't take this same approach inside the house, especially since I
often overshoot the garden and it ends up sticking to the garage wall.
You can actually remove it by hand --  you get it by gently winding it
around your open hand, working backwards. It helps to think peaceful
thoughts, at least prior to slinging.

More practically, my experience is that this shows up in the late spring
and gets thick until the plants really take off. I haven't charted
things in this particular container, but I believe it is out-competed by
the plants rather than shaded -- it sort of disappears almost at once
instead of lingering in the lighted spots. I have no idea what it is --
some underwater form of kudzu?

I'd be interested (or terrified) to know what it does inside an
aquarium. I hope the tank isn't in your bedroom.


in central South Carolina, home to many poisonous things