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Re: Mini Bow a la Walsted

    For the folks who are concerned about the mess that pulling up stem 
plants would make with a soil substrate at pruning time- how about not 
pulling them up- just removing some of the top, and leaving the lower part in 
    I haven't had a soil tank yet, but in my gravel tanks that way works well 
for me- as long as the stem plants are growing well, new growth starts coming 
right away.  It may take a little longer to grow out though, but that's ok 
with me :).  On the other hand, it looks a bit stumpy for awhile which you 
may not like...    So you could cut the stems at the gravel line or just 
below it, and then replant nice pieces of the tips- then there would be no 

    Stylewise, I think I like the stumpy way better because overall it looks 
more permanent or indigenous to me- for lack of a better way to word it.  The 
growth that comes in kind of 'fits' the spot.  Something about newly planted 
tips- they look a little temporary to me- like flowers in a vase- very 
beautiful and striking though, so I can see why people like it.  It's a taste 
thing I'd say.

    Zach K