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Arizona aquatic Gardens

The problem I had, mostly Fedex's fault, was posted July 2 or so. 
Besides Fedex being late--stuck at an airport on a very hot day, there
was insulation only on the top and bottom of the box, which is
substantially less than having it on all six sides (while hot fluids
and gases rise over cooler ones, heat radiates in all directions.

I have had trouble getting through by phone and email is less likely to
be successful--I think somewhere on the AZ Aquatics site it urge phone
over email.  I have had better luck calling towards the end of their
business day rather than earlier in the day.

Reportedly, the last two weeks of June were especially busy for
them--many shrimp and SAE orders for June 27 were backordered.  A more
recent shipment came to me in the older, top notch fashion, with
insulation all around, sponge and plant in the bag for the shrimp to
hold onto.  Perhaps June was just an especially bad month or maybe they
are expanding and new the hires aren't up to snuff.  If insulation was
missing, maybe you should continue to try to call them and ask for
compensation for the service not being as expected.
Good Luck,

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