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SAE behaviour question

Today I finally spot a small SAE in a tank containing at least one hundred
false siamesis and the LSF guy was kind enough to hunt it for ten minutes
- the tank with regular SAE contain only submarine size ones, at least for
my small 5 gall. After careful aclimatization is looking well, the only
weird thing being that is seem to be very found of the only other fish in
the tank, a similar size otto. 
Him, the otto seem to want to take care of his plant scrubbing business
alone, but the new guy is looking lost after a few minutes and goes
hunting for the otto.
I don't know what to think, I'm kind of found of the little otto who is
with me for half of year now, and survivor of my continuing learning
period including even a experimental DIY co2 phase when the pH crashed to
the point where he was turning belly up on the bottom of the tank.
The only other companions in the tank are five
Amano-type-but-smaller-species-shrimp whom I don't even see during day
Anybody experienced this kind of behavior from SAE ?