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Arizona aquatic Gardens

As there have been a few posts around this time frame concerning AZ
I will post my recent experience, prefaced by the fact that I have ordered
from them before to my complete satisfaction.

My last order was placed  mid-June and was not shipped by that weekend. I
them three emails asking for confirmation or at least some sort of response
but received nothing. Two attempts to fax resulted in failure, and two phone
calls resulted in "mailbox full".

Another week went by and the order showed up. The Anubias was fine, the
Vals were very close to mulch. There was no Styrofoam lining, just wrapped
newspaper. The temp here was in the 60's, the order was shipped on a Friday
and I got it
on Monday as is usual.

The point being the complete lack of communication from them. If they are
temporary difficulties, their best move would be to post the problem on
their website.
Customers do understand such things. As it stands, I have begun to look for
other vendors.

Kent Carpenter
Rochester, NY