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Stoichiometry Anyone?

A search of the archives turned up the following formula which seems
to be the basis for the CO2 charts on The Krib:

CO2 (mg/L) = 12.839 * KH * 10^(6.37 - pH)

If my understanding of the definition of KH is correct, then this
formula seems to have an incorrect conversion of KH to moles HCO3-.
Is it correct that:

1 GH = 1 KH = 10 mg/L CaO = .3566 meq/L = .3566 mmoles/L HCO3-?

For the result to indicate dissolved CO2 in mg/L, shouldn't the

.3566 * 44.01 mg/mmole = 15.694 rather than 12.839?

Assuming pK1 for carbonic acid = 6.37 at 25C to be reasonably accurate
(reported values do vary somewhat), shouldn't the values for CO2 in the
Krib charts be about 22% higher?

Todd H.

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