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Monster Algae Invades Texas

This is no exaggeration.  I set up my 30 gal. tank on Sunday.  I didn't see
any algae on Monday.  Tuesday night algae was 9 to 12 inches long.  By
Wednesday the current had twisted it into a rope.  See it at the bottom of
this page:


 I tried to remove it but it sort of dissolves between your fingers.  It is
the consistency of spider webs, and its slimy.  The part I removed grew back
about 9 inches by the next morning.

I named it Godzilla.

I sterilized everything: plants, and soil substrate, except for the #2 pool
filter gravel.  Hair algae (which I am trying to prevent) is not supposed to
withstand drying, the gravel was dry, so I just washed it in hot water
before I put it in the tank.

I think I am going to just wait this one out.  I don't think its going to be
as much of a problem as the hair algae that I once had that felt like dry

The tank has a thick biofilm floating on it right now.  I'm wondering if
part of this stringy stuff (the sticky part) may by bacteria.

Steve Pituch in TX