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UV for GW - what to expect


I finally broke down and put a coralife 25 watt UV sterilizer on my 120
gallon pea soup. Once I got the flow rate right, all the green disappeared
and now it's merely cloudy whitish.

I put a micron cartridge (no diatomaceous earth, just the cartridge) in my
cannister. Will this clear the cloudiness in a few days? Or do I need to do
the diatom earth? Should I keep running the UV for a couple days too? I'm
doing a big water change too, and running the lights for only 5-8 hours vs.
10, and cut the wattage down a tad - had 615 watts on 120 gallons (175 w
metal halide and 440 watts of VHO). I shut the halide off for now.

History - The tank is about 4 months old, with laterite substrate, heavily
planted, CO2 enriched. pH 7.2, kH 4, gH 3 or 4. Things were going GREAT; I
got the green water the day after a heavy pruning, and it's hung around for
nearly a month despite lights out, water changes, etc...

My theory is that I way overdid the lights, and added too much ferts too
early. Once I get this under control, I'm going to dose ferts only when
plants appear to need it, and increase the light from 440 watts cautiously
and gradually. Would some one confirm my plan or recommend a different one?