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Mini Bow a la Walstead

As posted before, I am thinking about an All Glass Mini Bow as an office 
aquarium (thanks to everyone who responded to my original inquiry - no one 
has said they got one of these and hated it or even didn't like it).  It 
also seems that since it comes with a light that is 2 watts per gallon, and 
since it would be in an office, that maybe a low tech tank set up would be 
the way to go and I was thinking of trying Walstead's methods.  Can those 
of you who have these kind of tanks tell me what happens when you need to 
pull up a plant and replant?  My current tank was set up according to Karen 
Randall's advice for a school room tank (laterite substrate and DIY yeast, 
3 watts per gallon).  When stem plants get too long, I pull them up, cut 
them down to the pretty part of the top, and replant.  This often brings up 
some of the laterite from beneath, which I push back down again.  In a soil 
substrate tank, I presume some of the soil comes to the surface and it 
seems this could cause trouble.  Do you not use stem plants at all?  Does 
the slower growth mean you don't do the replanting very often and so it's 
not a big problem that some of the soil is released into the water column 
when you do replant?

Ellen O'Connell
Parker, CO,