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Need a recommendation for a CO2 reactor

Hi everyone,

I need an advise for a CO2 reactor for my new CO2 system.

I finally switched to a pressurized CO2 system.  I am
presently injecting CO2 into the intake of  my Aquaclear
500.  Until I change out my two Aquaclear500 filters to a
canister filter (hopefully this fall), I suppose I have to
put up with the surface agitation.  I have been keeping the
water level as high as possible to minimize the surface
agitation but it seem to require a lot of CO2 bubbles
(something like 5 to 6 bubbles per second) to keep pH to 6.8
(at KH of 4.5) in my 75G heavily planted aquarium.

I suppose I should try to further minimize the surface
agitation or install a reactor to dissolve CO2 more
effeciently.  Would someone give me a recommendation?

By the way, I got my two stage regulator from a local
welding supply shop for $45.00.  I believe that it is an
industrial grade regulator.  The regulator (model # W-472N)
is made by NTT, a division of Weldit.  The welding supply
shop brought back the regulator from their customer since
the customer decided to get out of the business.   The shop
has seven more regulators like mine.  The shop asked me to
let them know if there are other people who might be
interested in these regulatorws.   They are brand new.  (The
package has never been opened.)   The input side gauge goes
up to 4000 psi.  Output side reads 0 to 50 CFN/0-25 LPN.
The regulator I have can control the bubbling very well
(even down to one or two bubbles per second) with my
Swedglok needle valve wide open.  You will need a NPT
bushing (adopter) to connect your needle valve/hose barb,
etc.  If anybody is seriously interested in getting hold of
one of these, please contact me off list so I can get you in
touch with the shop (the shop will send it to anywhere in
the US.)

Madison, Alabama
tomokoschum at earthlink_net