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Re: All Glass Mini Bow Front

Well fellas I just went out and bought one of those 7 gallon things, I got
home and ordered a duetto and visi therm 50watt heater from
petwarehouse.com, the good one :) Then I trucked on over to the ahsupply
website and I was about to order a 13 Watt kit when it hit me, 13 watts is
less than the included 14, and 2 13's won't fit, and a 36 is way too big,
plus it's $42.  So my question is what are some other options to get a
little more watts crammed in the standard strip light housing (I wouldn't
normally care about looks, but this tank is going to work with me).  Then
again someone said they could grow some plants good, so maybe I'll stick to
crypts or something, then I wouldn't have to trim which is probably a good
thing at work.  I've seen 28 watt power compacts on some sites, but the
first one was kind of vague on the description so I don't trust it (don't
trust getting what I want, not that they'll screw me, I just don't want to
screw myself, it was too expensive anyway) and the second one had a 28 watt
bulb but no ballast, so I put in an email to ask if they had one or not.  So
anyways what are my other options.