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Thanks for CO2 system recommendations, experiences

I wrote....

I'd like some input on the best VALUE CO2 system. Price is a concern, but so
is quality. I had ordered the Eheim kit from petwarehouse.com (not petS) but
it's been backordered for over 2 weeks and nobody returns my email inquiries
(3 unanswered so far). I'm getting a little fed-up/impatient and have been
looking around at other systems. The Gomberg system seems okay, as does the
one at M3. Both of those require the add'l expenditure for bubble counter
and diffuser/reactor, so they end up costing a little more. Anyone have any
positive/negative experiences with any of these systems or positive
experience with ones not listed? Any help appreciated. Thanks.


I'd like to thank the many of you who responded both to the archive and
personally via email. The volume of responses prevents me from responding to
each of you personally, to my regret. In the interim, Petwarehouse.com
shipped my Eheim system and did so via 2nd day air for no extra charge; to
my mind that makes up for the lack of response to any of my emails. If my
purchase had not been backordered I think I can safely say I would have had
a totally positive experience with them, rather than just mostly positive.
As it stands, I'd be comfortable ordering from them again.

As for the system,  the overwhelming number of responses suggested the
Gomberg system with the needle valve added. Too bad I didn't ask sooner!
Hopefully I will be satisfied with my Eheim system so it won't matter that I
wasn't able to take full advantage of the advice offered by everyone. At
least I will not have to mix up sugar and yeast every couple of weeks.

Thanks again.