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DIY CO2 stagnation?

Boy, have my plants taken off in the couple of weeks that my yeast CO2
has been in operation... great stuff!

I added some e. tenellus in the corner and they are busy producing
daughter plants at a fast rate, however the leaves seem to bruise
easily and the new growth is almost transparent.  Is this a sign of
calcium deficiency? 

I've got the tube from the CO2 bottle going into the outlet venturi of
the Jebo pump, that results in a stream of fine bubbles which dissolve
almost immediately.  Its freaky watching bubbles come out, start to
rise, and get smaller and smaller and disappear before they get to the

However the feed isn't consistent.  If I watch closely, I get a bubble
(eg a little burst of tiny bubbles) every ten or fifteen seconds.  If I
tap the plastic yeast bottle hard, I get a bubble every 1-2 seconds and
the activity dies down after half a minute.  If I pick up the bottle
and give it a little shake I get a constant stream for a minute and a

It's a two litre bottle, filled 3/4 with the appropriate
sugar/water/yeast mix.  Why does it appear to be not doing much, until
it is agitated, then it springs into life?  Is this normal, and I maybe
need more yeast in the next batch?


Charlie Lear
Melbourne, Australia