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Re: All Glass Mini Bow Front

>Sometime ago there was a bit of discussion of these tanks of the list, but 
>as I remember they were new then and people were discussing whether or not 
>to try them.  Would those of you on the list who have tried them as planted 
>tanks tell your experiences?  PetsMart is now selling them for just under 
>$60 and they look attractive.  Would one work as a desktop tank at the 
>office or would it be better to use a regular 10 gallon?

I like these 7 gal tanks mostly because of their neat look and the fact
that they cost less than the Eclipse 5 gal.   The bowfront look (if you
like it) beats a simple 10 gal.   In addition, they allow me to place a
simple Whisper filter on for Co2 dissolution  and the hood is easy to
retrofit with CF lights.  You can take a peek at Mike's Tank here at a
beginner's attempt at a planted bowfront to judge for yourself: