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Picture website

Hello all,

    Since I just started my website, mainly just to be able to post a few of
my own pictures of my tank, I have taken some thought to opening it up to
others that would like to have a place to see their images online, and
provide some of their own views, and info.

I have a 10Mb website, which I can get upgraded easily at no expense.

I am setting up a site, where I can post pics, and information about the
hobby.  This is my FIRST website attempt, so there may be some growing
pains.  I started this project, because I did not find anywhere on the web,
where I could easily post the pictures.  Another list member, Larry
Mitchell, very generously offered to host my pictures on his site. Thank
You!!!  I soon after found out, I actually had a site of my own, free of
charge, that I just never took the time to look into.

If you have been in this same situation, would like to post some pics on the
web, but don't have a site, or don't want to go through the trouble of
making a hosted site,  I will host them on a site, dedicated to this hobby.

For now it is still under serious construction, but is looking good so far.
It will be a simple site, with information about the hobby, and I will give
each person 5 pages of their own on which to post comments or pics. (You
don't have to use all five, if you don't want to, it's just an option.)

So far these are the five that I am putting up for myself, so I will do the
same for yours:

          [pictures and captions of your tank, general views of the entire
or partials of tank]
          [pictures of specimens and information about the plants in the
tank, GREAT for getting some plants IDed]
          [pictures and info about the fish, inverts, non-plant tank
inhabitants if you have them]
          [General info about you, your tank, your methods of upkeep, system
preferences, preferred sources,
            open to whatever info you want to post here about your tanks.]
          [This is where they can reach you, and provide comments, species
identification, questions about your
           methods and such.  This will be via e-mail. (Optional)]

Well, that is my plan so far...there will also some general pages off the
Home page dedicated to links, and information about the hobby.

If your interested please send me an e-mail, and we can discuss some of the
particulars...I would prefer to cover this over via phone call. but will
keep it to e-mail if preferred.  So if you include your phone number and
best time to reach you, as long as your in the US, I'll call and we can go
over it all. If you don't include a phone number, we'll converse via e-mail.

amumma at tampabay_rr.com

BTW, the site is hosted by high-speed access at:


Please disregard anything on the website, it no longer resembles anything on
there right now, as it was a mock page I setup, while I was learning how to
publish the site, and all.  The tanks pictured there are NOT my own, simply
placeholder pictures, that I had on my Harddrive.


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